On February 13, 2019, Frontier launched a fundraising campaign with a $3,000 goal on for their first album, Frontier 4: The Next Generation. Over the course of the 30-day campaign, 104 backers donated $5,180 to the campaign. Alongside these donations, friends and family kicked in before and after the campaign to help make our dream come true. Without the support of these incredible people, this album would not exist. Here is a list of all of the sponsors, sorted by pledge style and amount.

Signatier ($25-$49)

Rick Anderson

Alicia Bassett

Earl and Mimi Berry

Brandi Bolinger

John Brady

Beverly Carlisle

Rick Collinson

Serena Melody Davis

Dave Ebersole

Al & Bonnie Fisk

Kelli Fitzpatrick

Joseph Gurreri

Jessica Glaser

James R. Hall

Randy Harner

Amber Hoffman

Matt Hopper

George Jackson

Ken Klein

Paul & Mary Kotnik

Alex Lane

Sara Lange

Julia Renee Lederer

Connor J Lindenmuth

Barbara Maas

Zachary Maas

Arlene Marks

Maggie McAlexander

Jenna Miller

Dean Moore, II

Steve Neal

Chelsey Neff

Linda Noble

Mike Orr

Susan Palmiter

John Paul

Paulina Pohaikealoha Pura

Alexandra M Smith

Deacon Sean Smith

Lauren Shears

Simon Suboski

Steve and Debbie Warnaar

Jeff Woodruff

Sonnet Woolf

Three unnamed patrons

Digitier ($15-$24)

Shari Adwers

Alissa Amell

David Ammirata

Alex Arlin

Reed DeMarco

Mason Reed Eubank

Stephen Goldman

Tim Herbig

Robert Hoversten

Forrest Ickes

Nicole Kill

Kevin Nowland

Sienna Ottenbreit

Sam Patrie

James, Annie, Gandalf and Peach

Zak "barfcat" Stratton

Aaron Wilson

Jason Whitney

Supportier (<$15)

Marshall Crowl

Franklin Pierce

One unnamed patron

Executive Producers

Doug and Lynn Weaver

Spontier ($250>)

Thanks Amy 

Gerald Bennett 

Diane Harrell 

Jeremy Spaz Kray

Pat Hefner 

Zach Schroeder

Listier ($100-$250)

Dave and Pat Anderson 

Peggy Clingingsmith 

Shirley Gunter 

Dom "Shut Up" Finetti 

Scott Grant 

Joe McDonald 

Brendan Monroe 

Chuck Murray 

Craig Pollard 

Trisha and Jerry Rathbun 

Evelyn Schuette 

Wells Family 

Jonathan Woolf 

Shirtier ($50-$100)


Brian Atkinson 

David Harrell 

Theo Hicks

Randy MacLaren 

Roger & Sue Lewis 

Fred Sandmann

David E Scott

Christopher Smith 

Phil Spencer 

The Weston Family